“Arguments and ignorance”

A poem of faith and struggle.

I am not the Devil
There standing with you now
I am Hope and Salvation
I am the one you need to know

I want to stop Time and Space
So I could tell you how
That I’ve felt you have walked away
And floated back into the clouds

I love you with no regret
Others have told you so
Walk along the path with me
And I will show you how to grow

Have I not tried?
For you still ignore
It doth seem a tragedy
A loss that is like a sore

Words are wrong
Those that are being spoken
It is the Darkness of the World
I promise I Am here and now

The days are long
My work means nothing
To those I surround myself
My soul is eternally rusting

I will listen as long as you need
But please do one day respond
That you will hope for better days
And recognize my love for you
My son.


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